Thursday, December 12, 2013

My Web Tree Planted

               My intention when beginning this blog was to culminate my efforts and resources into a platform that would support and promote me specifically. The tools I have gained, and will continue to gain contribute to the effectiveness of endorsing myself as a writer. Yet, with all the essential connections required, not only to remain linked socially but also professionally, I needed to centralize my assets to one site. Therefore, I created my own author’s website.

                The creation of a website is not any easy task. It is demanding both technologically and creatively. The site will require constant attention and updating to remain relevant. After purchasing the domain, I installed a template and began to build off of that. After establishing author and contact information, I attached and linked my most prized writing; my novels. Then I included more writing styles, blogs, images to highlight everything, and eventually links to many of my social connections such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

   I’ve dedicated a substantial amount of time to the site, though I do consider it still within its adolescent state. I will continue to elaborate upon its appearance and content. Eventually I will incorporate links to a few favorite authors and literary agents. Hopefully in return, I will be linked to theirs. My expectation is to branch into Amazon Books, literary blogs, twitter feeds,..etc.  So support the tree and look me up at

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