Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Twitter Me This!

                Along with my Symbaloo board, I have tweaked my Twitter account in much the same way; focused organization.                
                For some time now I have had a Twitter account. However, I never really utilized it for more than random information. But now that I've invested some time into catering it more to my specific needs, I can see that it will become invaluable tool for my future.  I not only will be able to keep abreast with professional writers, but also lobby my own views and talents to a wide spectrum of professions.
   Time is a critical factor for me, just like it is for everyone. So I need short precise tidbits of information within the wring field.  Just today, I received a tweet about a link to a fascinating way to cut back the exorbitant word count of manuscripts. It turns out that there were numerous insightful tweets waiting for me. Too many though for me to add atop the pile of information I wade through daily.

                So I got a Tweetdeck account to wade through them for me; organizing my tweets into structured categories.  Now, I have the benefit of short timely tweet messages coming to my phone and email pre-arranged as I wish to view them.  It’s one more step toward being professional in touch.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Drawing the Lines

     In my efforts to build a PLN (Personal Learning Network), I have tried to focus on not only my passions, but also my needs in terms of a career. My goal is to create a PLN through the collaboration of several social medias including blogs, Twitter, and Pinterest.  My association with classmates on Google+ will basically be the first line within a great web.

     Essentially, any type of social media contributes to my future pursuits. Since my degree will entail Professional and Creative Writing, my studies include every form of media and artistic writing; though my true passion lies within creative.  My goal is to be published and reviewed on a worldwide scale.
     I want others to recognize my diversity. So I created an account with Pinterest where I could demonstrate several billboards of visually detection.  The site illustrates my interests and gets others to be involved in them. My boards of unique personal passions will be a form of self-promotion.  As people become attracted to my ideas and images, they will re-pin and post links to my work.

     Also, by blogging with others on an optimistically daily basis, I can begin weaving a web of specialized connections to support my future intents. For instance, the site YourVision is an interest based site that is highly resourceful. I can keep abreast of subjects and link them to other sites. The site Viral Blog is about viral marketing trends, which any advertising position will require. Then there is the blog Quick and Dirty Tips that gives advice on writing and tips to connect with the public, yet in a very fun way. 
     Lastly, I've discovered a method to link social media like Twitter to certain pages of my novels. It involves embedding retweet buttons within the PDF pages. People click to share specific lines, thus tapping into the vast population of social media. I've just got to work my way through the process.

     I think it would be great to establish my own website centered upon my related topics and my own abilities. Initially it would have to be very user interactive with recommendations to correlated sites. It’s a thought though, and we're just starting.