Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Twitter Me This!

                Along with my Symbaloo board, I have tweaked my Twitter account in much the same way; focused organization.                
                For some time now I have had a Twitter account. However, I never really utilized it for more than random information. But now that I've invested some time into catering it more to my specific needs, I can see that it will become invaluable tool for my future.  I not only will be able to keep abreast with professional writers, but also lobby my own views and talents to a wide spectrum of professions.
   Time is a critical factor for me, just like it is for everyone. So I need short precise tidbits of information within the wring field.  Just today, I received a tweet about a link to a fascinating way to cut back the exorbitant word count of manuscripts. It turns out that there were numerous insightful tweets waiting for me. Too many though for me to add atop the pile of information I wade through daily.

                So I got a Tweetdeck account to wade through them for me; organizing my tweets into structured categories.  Now, I have the benefit of short timely tweet messages coming to my phone and email pre-arranged as I wish to view them.  It’s one more step toward being professional in touch.

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